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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Out of the Office for the weekend

Tomorrow is a big day for us. We will be appearing in court to finalize Norah's adoption and legally become a family. It is a day that has been much anticipated for the last 7 months and 5 days. We'll have family in from out of town and be partying all weekend, so please give me until next week to get back with you if you need me.

Can you believe how big Miss Norah is getting? That little smile keeps shining on, even though her teeth are finally pushing through on the bottom.

To my engaged or newly married couples, love in this season of life is beautiful, and I was right there with you for the past 5 years. But when I became a mother, I learned a new dimension to love. When you think you have nothing more to give, it swells up within you and overflows. Being a mother to Norah is a blessing and a joy, and I give God the glory for her presence in my life.


Friday, November 23, 2007

Norah's 6 Month Portraits

Everybody say "awwww...."

This one is my favorite. I think she looks like a cuddly teddy bear.

My baby girl is getting so big. She officially turns 6 months on Wednesday. Stay tuned to our family blog for a new installment of "Dear Norah."

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Almost Five Months Old...

My baby girl will be five months old on Saturday! Can you believe it? She looked so cute in her little RED onesie this morning before school that I had to snap a few photos. More on our family blog.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Email Issues?

I have gotten several phone messages and emails lately saying "I have sent you two or three emails about this" and I am shocked because I haven't received them through my address. I am checking into things with my hosting company, but until then, please feel free to also use my "personal" email address - if you sent me an email and haven't gotten a response. Though I still have a few more days before I am back to work officially (Monday August 20 is the big day), I will do my best to accommodate time-sensitive requests.

Again, I appreciate your patience while I have been on maternity leave. Your images are safe and have not changed, but my daughter has definitely grown and our bond as a family is stronger because I have been able to focus on her alone for these past few weeks.

I have the best clients ever and you are appreciated!!!

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

New Family Photos with my own Family

We interrupt this professional blog to bring you a special bulletin. I have tried to keep the personal blogging on my business blog to a minimum, but I had to break in and show you these brand new family photos by our friend and talented photographer Amber Holritz. She traveled to Smyrna on Friday to spend a few hours with Brad, Norah & me so that we could have some family photos showing what life is like right now. I am posting a few of my favorites, and the link to Amber's blog and the slideshow are at the end of the post so you can link over to both. Please comment and tell Amber how much you love our photos too!

My loves.

Here's a few images of our the "big sisters" of the family.

Funny story. This is Misty, in case you've never met her or heard about her. I have had her since she was a kitten when I was 13. (She's now 15 for those of you who don't know how old I am.) One of my friends asked my brother if Misty was still alive because we never talk about her on the blog. Let's just say, Brad is not a fan of the cat, so she doesn't get included in many activities. But she is alive and kicking and just as "Misty" as ever. This is a typical "I do not care that you put a baby in the chair behind me and now want me to act affectionate for a photo" face.

Love this family shot. We were hanging out in our bed. Which we love.

Hanging out in the same spot. Little more snuggly. Focusing on her tiny toes. Awww.

OK - I have been trying to get a few things done, even though I have a couple weeks left of my official maternity leave. Sometimes Norah sits with me while I do something on the computer. We don't do it every time she is awake, but usually this occurs once a day. I think she enjoys the light from the screen, and occasionally she will point out a photo or two that she thinks you might like.

Norah had a bottle and had to endure the agony of burping. Then she went into sleepy baby mode. Here is that look she gets when it's getting close to nap time.

When she fell asleep, I carefully maneuvered Norah out of her blanket and onto the ottoman for some sweet sleeping pics. Here's one of Amber in action - note the ShootSac.

Since I had not yet attempted to photograph Norah like this, I could not resist picking up my own camera to take a few pictures. I mean, it was her first time...Amber was very cool about it. She said, "Well...she is your baby." I thought this was funny because I always say this to my clients. Never apologize for something you want to do with your own family or child. I mean, they are NOT mine!

It was worth it. This shot is one I grabbed. Amber's beautiful ones are on the Holritz Photography Blog and in the slideshow.

View the slideshow of Amber's favorites HERE.

Amber, thank you for making time to come to Smyrna for this session. We truly appreciate the images from this session. We will treasure them forever. Love to you and Nathan and the kiddos. I think this is why you're hot. ;)

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A little bird told me...

Little Norah is growing fast.

I will be back to work from my attempt at a mini-maternity leave the week of August 20. I am reading emails at least once a day, so if you have an immediate, time-sensitive need/request, I will do everything I can to take care of you. The only things I am shooting until then are weddings and related sessions (engagement, bridal, FHEO).

I have a ton of folks waiting to schedule (or re-schedule) a baby/kids/family session for September & October. I will have limited appointment times when I return, so if you are interested in booking an appointment you need to email me now so I can try and fit you in. Especially if you're interested in peak leaves week - typically the last week of October/first week of November, but that might change since it's been SO dry this year.

Have a great day!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Introducing Norah Lucille Bynum (In case you haven't already heard)

We are proud to introduce our daughter!
Norah Lucille Bynum
Born May 28, 2007 at 7:25am
6 pounds 9 ounces
19.5 inches long

We found out about this sweet girl on Friday afternoon, but had to wait until yesterday at 4:30PM for it to be official. We went to the Bethany Christian Services office in Nashville today at 1:00pm to do paperwork, and then her interim care family brought her in around 1:30pm. This is when they first handed her to us.

I passed her off to Brad and look at this. It melts my heart to see him smile like that and look at her smile too!

After we visited with her for a while, her birthmother Lynette and her Auntie Sharon came in. We gave her Norah to hold and she held her for a couple hours while we talked, laughed, cried, and got to know each other. Our social worker Amanda prayed a blessing over Lynette and over Norah and us, and then we took some pics, said some goodbyes and made plans to see each other again soon.

We only took Steph with us, and she was able to document our whole experience. I made her get in a picture before she left - Brad took this one. Stephanie, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't tell you how much it means to us that we could trust you with this and not worry one bit about having all of the pictures to tell our story and to tell Norah about this day.

We got her home and I couldn't wait to see her from head to toe. We even got a bow in her hair, though I am not having much luck making it stay there.

Here's a quick family picture. Katy is adjusting nicely.

More later...give me a couple of days to return your calls and emails. We will work out our schedule really soon!

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Friday, May 11, 2007

My Fifth Anniversary

Five years ago today was my big day. It was my chance to get dressed up, my chance to walk through those doors, down the long aisle. My chance to get choked up during the vows, to smile for a ton of pictures, to hug and thank all of my guests, and to flop down into the limo after the whole thing was over and finally have a chance to breathe. I remember fondly the drive to our honeymoon hotel. We sat in the back of the limo with the air condition vents blowing in our faces because we were HOT and nearly fell asleep because we were already exhausted from the wedding/reception.

Here's my handsome groom, Mr. Brad Bynum.

Here I am...I think it's funny how young I looked...

Our big kiss. Standing up on my side is Christy, Ginny, and Reagan...who was 6. Look how little she was too. On Brad's side is his father George, his brother Jason, and my brother Kyle, who you can't see in this picture.

This is one of my favorite shots of us from our reception.

Here's our big getaway. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Our wedding was simple and sweet. Perfect in every way.

The most perfect thing about it was Brad. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being my husband. Thank you for supporting me through everything - this photography business included. Thank you for your Christian leadership in our home. Five down...Ninety-five to go!

Photos by Hollis Guthrie.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

First shots with my new camera...I think I'm in LOVE

Of course you can see who my willing (or not-so-willing) subjects were today when my new camera arrived via FedEx around 10AM. My dog Katy was napping with her duck. Then I looked up and saw my 14 year-old cat Misty curled up in my chair underneath a blanket and I had to get the camera back out to capture that sweet face.

Along with the camera, we received our Lensbaby, which is a fun selective focus lens that allows me to get some creative, artistic shots. The shot of the daffodils (WELCOME SPRING) was taken using the Lensbaby in my front yard. I am sure my neighbors thought I was nuts when I was laying on my stomach on my sidewalk and in my front yard this afternoon to figure out the proper way to use this lens. But hey - it was sunny and 70 degrees. Well worth the strange looks!

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


We've had a lot going on this week, and not all of it was what we had hoped for. Pop on over HERE to read about our day on Monday.

We are doing better though. We are optimistic about the future!

I will be out for the holidays starting Friday 12/22 and return Tuesday 12/26. Of course I am addicted to my computer, so I will actually probably still be working on images (Bryan & Kelly AND Rylie Grace) in the three hour car ride to & from West TN.

I hope you all have a blessed holiday. My official holiday greeting will be coming soon.

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