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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pictage Partner Conference in Chicago, Day 2

I started Day Two of the conference in a Millie Holloman's session about networking with vendors. It was really helpful and informative. It was Millie's first time to present at a photography conference too - so we were nervous together and I am thankful for her encouragement this week!

Here's Millie, Pepper Nix and me, sharing a laugh at lunch. Pepper's workshop was at the same time as mine, so I didn't get to hear her wonderful talk this year. She's so great.

Mom & me after we finished our lunch.

Kitty Maer watching Ollie Grazier, son of Enna & Matt Grazier, stuff turkey in his mouth by the handful.

This is Will Grazier, son of Enna & Matt Grazier, sacked out in his stroller under the flamingo.

Pam Long and Heather Owens are getting a lesson in processing in Adobe Bridge from Mike Clark - all three from Maryland. Note that I included this picture because of the random guy in the background...I don't know your name but you cracked me up!

Heather Owens and Pam Long (of Maryland) and Mom!

Amber Holritz and Shyla Dalirfar... Shyla was the event photographer for the conference and she was EVERYWHERE!

Joan Evans and Terry Resha of Clarksville, TN. Love this picture! :)

Whitney Carlson of Nashville, TN.

Lisa Allen, who put together this conference...she rocked the house!

This cracked me up. Mike Colon, one of the most sought after photographers today, taking Jeff Jochum's picture with his camera phone. Nice posing, Jeff!

Here's beautiful Danielle Adams of Murfreesboro, TN.

This was during the closing session. Pictage Exec Jeff Jochum gave us the inside track on strategic plans for the company. There are exciting things for photographers and for our clients in the works. I can't wait to share it all with you in due time!

After we said a gazillion goodbyes, we headed out for some shopping at a nearby mall until it was time to return our rental car and go to the airport. This is the poster that was up on an easel at the entrance to my workshop, and of course, Mom wanted to bring it home. So imagine how funny it was to walk through the airport next to someone carrying a large poster with your face on it. Here's Mom and my poster riding on the shuttle to the airport together. Thanks again to Anne Ruthmann for the head shot of me...she wasn't able to attend the conference because she just became an Aunt! Congratulations!

And here we are on the flight home. We have been "auditioning" airlines, and have pretty much decided that we are going to stick with United for our air travel. We have had the best experiences by far on their airline. We had a great trip. We also decided that the only thing missing from this trip was Steph. Next time, right?!?

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

April Pictage User Group Meeting in Nashville

Our April TN Pictage User Group (PUG) meeting was tonight in Nashville and we had a great time. Mirna Campos was our special guest speaker, joining us from Pictage to demo the Album Design 3.0 application. She did an excellent job and we learned a LOT! Thanks Mirna!

After the meeting, and our usual hour of standing around chatting, a bunch of us headed to the Cheesecake Factory in Green Hills for some dinner. I had the best chicken salad sandwich I think I have ever eaten!

Here's Amber and me...

Our whole group that hung out for dinner...

Mindy & Phil, Danielle, Mirna and me...

I wish Erin had shown her beautiful face here, instead of just her fun pink purse. I am shown here with my slightly sad and kind of amused face...

Joey & Amy and Whitney & Peter

This is such a great group of photographers and I am blessed to know all of you!!! Thanks to everyone else who came to the meeting tonight - we had 25 people - a high attendance for the last several months!

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Pictage User Group Meeting, Take Two

I told you that Amber would have better photos to share from the PUG meeting yesterday, and she did not disappoint! Fun times. More on her BLOG.

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February Pictage User Group Meeting in Nashville

In the photography world, it is tempting to spend all of your time with your face buried in your computer. I am constantly working on editing images, or blogging (like right now) or viewing art to get inspired, etc. etc. etc. Yesterday I was able to break out of that a little bit and spend some time connecting with other people who love to do what I do - but we actually hung out in person! Brilliant concept!

Nathan & Amber came over from Chattanooga for the Pictage User Group Meeting (PUG) in Nashville last night. We caught some lunch at Judge Beans with J. and Tricia from LiveBooks. They were our guest speakers at the PUG Meeting, and they shared a lot with us about how getting images in front of our clients quickly is a major asset to our businesses. LiveBooks is expanding their website sales into the wedding photograher market, and from what they showed us last night, I think they will be very successful!

Since we were a little chilly, we stopped off at Provence for a hot chocolate (thanks Nathan) and to see some prints on display by our friend John Bamber. They are beautiful prints from some of his travels in France and they are on display and can be purchased at the Provence in Hillsboro Village.

Then we headed to the PUG Meeting, which was wonderful as well. We had several new faces and I was SO glad everyone came out. In addition to our regulars (Peter Carlson, Mindy & Phil Thornton, Joan Evans, Danielle Adams), joining us for the first time were Ray Allen, Dennis Minix, David Wright, Erica Erck, Kelly Lee Flora and Joey & Amy Pippin. Thanks so much to everyone for all of your input during the LiveBooks presentation! It was great to hear your ideas.

We grabbed dinner out together (most of us) after the meeting and then headed our separate ways. I am waiting for Amber to blog some more photos and then I will add photos were taken with a little point and shoot, but she had her big camera out all day long...I know she'll have some great shots to share!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Girls Just Want To Have Fun...and Rock at Photography!

I went to a get together tonight at the home of Tamara Reynolds, a commercial photographer based in the Nashville area. There were several ladies there whom I had never had the pleasure of meeting before, and a few familiar faces too!

I picked up Whitney Carlson on my way, and we enjoyed chatting during our car rides about all sorts of things! Andrea Hallgren brought Erica Erck, who has recently relocated to Nashville from North Carolina. It was great to connect with her, and we are even getting together for coffee next week! Melanie McLellan, Donna Jones Bailey and Angie Sliger were other familiar faces.

Folks I enjoyed meeting for the first time were Mary Crow, Martina Michalova, Sheri O'Neal, Rachel Paul, Susan Walker...and I am sure there is someone lovely I am leaving out and I am SO sorry for that! :o)

We were able to view some fabulous handmade books by Jill Jevne, a bookbinding artist who is interested in doing some new wedding books. They were so beautiful!

Thanks Tamara for opening your home to a bunch of girls who love to talk about things like photoshop, RAW files and was a blast!