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Friday, August 17, 2007

The Secret Workshop

Well, last weekend Steph and I boarded a plane for Greensboro, North Carolina to attend the Secret Workshop. It was so hard to leave little Norah at home with her Daddy, Grammy & Granddaddy from Friday morning to Monday afternoon, but I had invested a lot of money into my plane tickets, the workshop fee and hotel room a long time before I knew Norah would be here, so I felt I really needed to go.

Once we got away from home, I was really excited to head out. I have not yet attended any educational workshops about children's photography. I love working with children and one of the things about this workshop that intrigued me the most was learning about shooting kids in more commercial environments - like child models, catalogs, magazines, etc. These are things I would love to do eventually with my work.

We got the opportunity on Saturday to work with some child models. They were SO fun to work with - some of them were still aspiring models, and they were a little more challenging than the ones with experience - but that was part of the learning process.

I came out the door for my shooting time and the first little guy I saw was Trenton! Oh my gosh - that hair, that smile - I want to keep him.

This is probably my favorite picture of the whole day. This kid stole my heart!

This is Cruise. He was a handful. But very cute.

We were a little surprised when Will popped out of the crowd in three very stylish and cool outfits. I had to ask him how old he was before I was willing to photograph his bare chest! He's 25. But he was a trooper in the name of looking cool - that was a wool trench coat in 100 degree heat.

Mmm mmm mmm

Y'all can also tell I am into sun flare these days.

I don't remember her name but her eyes are so sparkly.

Ethan in awesome camo shorts

I don't remember this handsome guy's name was a long day!

Sweet Lacey

Twins Abby and Ali and their sister Lucy. These girls are Lacey's sisters, and they are all internationally adopted. Yay!

Here's Lucy again.

Did I mention I would like to keep this child? Don't you think he would be a good big brother for Norah?

He is a RIOT.

So, I am sure you already could tell that Trenton was our buddy by the end of the day. This was an attempt at a self portrait with Steph, Trenton and me, but Steph got cut out and the other shots were really bad...sorry Steph!

I have a few snapshots to add from my point & shoot camera later, but I wanted to share those photographs of the child models and throw it out there that I am interested in these types of sessions if you are looking for a photographer!

There will be some major changes to my childrens photography division in 2008 and all I can say is if you already know you want a session, you would be wise to book it for this Fall. :)

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