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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Jeremy & Jenny, Engagement Pictures in Downtown Nashville

Meet Jeremy

and Jenny

These guys chose to do their Engagement Session in front of the Flying Saucer restaurant and Union Station in downtown Nashville. The place holds special memories for them from when they began dating 6 years ago!

I was drawn like a magnet to this old train car.

The weather was gorgeous.

These two are my favorite portraits.

Then we went over to the Bicentennial Mall for the rest of the session. It is not as pretty over there this time of year as it is in the summer, so we took a few more and called it a day.

Practicing for that first dance at the wedding.

Thanks so much guys! See you soon!

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Michael & Cortney, Engagement Photos in Franklin

Are these two not the cutest couple?

We had fun out at the Factory for their Engagement Photos.

It was a little chilly when we ventured outside. But they stayed in good spirits about it.

This is one of my favorites. Love everything about it.

Cortney says that Michael runs up behind her and does this often.

They took some dance lessons a while back. They were enjoying a dance under this nice chandelier.

A chat at the Soda Shoppe.

Thanks so much guys. Michael & Cortney are going to be married in Murfreesboro this June. To see all of their photos when they are released, please click here to register.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Megan & Erick, Engagement Pictures in Downtown Nashville

Megan and Erick braved a chilly grey morning to meet me downtown for their engagement pictures. We wandered around finding fun new textures and spots to shoot.

They are getting married on April 19...

A favorite

Another favorite. I told you a lot of laughing.

I love that yellow bag.

This is a good one for your parents...

Erick liked the fountains on Legislative Plaza

I liked this spot too.

Thanks so much for hanging out with me guys. If you want to see all of Megan & Erick's photos when they are available, please click here to register.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Katie & Travis, Engagement Pictures at Turner Farms

I love shooting images of people who are special to me. Katie and I went to high school together and I have fond memories of time we spent taking colorful notes in AP Government/Economics. I got a chance to meet Travis at our 10 year class reunion this past summer, and little did I know I would be photographing their wedding less than a year later!

Katie & Travis met me out at Turner Farms (where by the way, we have 10 newborn AKC lab puppies that will be up for adoption in 6-8 weeks!) on Saturday. We had a blast just wandering around and we laughed non-stop!

See what I mean? I love it when I get to hang out with people who have the same sense of humor as I do! This totally captures their fun personalities!

Love this one.

Roll in the hay

Love this one too

Katie & Travis will be my next wedding to shoot so stay tuned for the images in early April. To view all of their engagement pictures when they are available, please click here to register.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Jeff & Anne, Engagement Pictures at Radnor Lake, Nashville

I met Jeff & Anne for the first time this summer on a special day - it was my birthday, AND it was Norah's first day of Mother's Day Out. My appointment with them as they interviewed me to consider hiring me to photograph their wedding in November was the delightful distraction that helped me make it through leaving Norah with "strangers" for the first time.

I was thrilled when I got word that Jeff & Anne had selected us to cover their wedding. We quickly decided on an October Engagement Session to take advantage of the cooler weather and changing leaves. Our original session was supposed to be last Thursday, when if you'll recall, it was 90 degrees and raining off and on all day. We were all so pleased to wake up to Fall-like weather this Thursday, and we knew our session would be just perfect!

A few of my favorite images from our shoot at Radnor Lake in Nashville.

Neither Anne nor I planned well on our shoe selection for the day. Her heeled sandals and my flip flops were not quite adequate for hiking the trails! But we survived.

My second favorite image from the day

We got off the trail to create this one.

This is my # favorite image from the day. One thing Jeff & Anne enjoy is praying together. I will interject that time spent in prayer with your husband (or wife) is more intimate than any other "married activity." This shot doesn't necessarily capture what they look like, but it captures their essence.

I had a lot of fun playing with the golden sweet light from the setting sun.

Quick clothing change and a few more shots.

Anne's face just radiates joy, and Jeff's antics keep her laughing... Actually, Jeff and I are both comfortable with being a little dorky at times. It's okay - we can handle it.

I am really looking forward to the wedding guys. It will be my last one of the season and I know we'll finish strong. Talk to you soon!


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dave & Amanda, Engagement Pictures at the Yacht Club

When it is 104 degrees every day, it is not necessarily a pleasant time of year to take pictures outside. We really wanted to do a session before things got too crazy with pre-wedding events, so to find a little cooler temperature we agreed to meet at 6:30AM on Sunday to take a few pictures. Early mornings are my FAVORITE time of the day to take engagement pictures. The light is always SO beautiful and it is just a peaceful and quiet time of day.

Amanda & Dave are having their wedding at Cedar Creek Yacht Club in Mt Juliet on Old Hickory Lake. We met at the site of the ceremony/reception to do their engagement pictures, and let me just say, I can't wait for the wedding! The location is so gorgeous, and I can already see some beautiful spots for pics of the wedding party, etc. Anyway, on with the photos!

Dave kept making these great faces and it would crack us up completely. I felt bad that we were by all these big houseboats before 7AM and I was laughing so loud. I hope we didn't wake anyone up!

Um, I love Dave's hair. It is too cute.

Amanda possesses such a natural beauty. I can't wait to see her as a bride.

Love it!

A little more silliness

I had so much fun with you guys. Can't wait to see you on the big day this September! To register to see all of Amanda & Dave's pictures, click HERE.


Friday, August 03, 2007

Josh & Rebecca, Engagement Pictures in Nashville

Meet Josh & Rebecca from Cookeville, Tennessee. These two are so adorable and silly and I love spending time with them. I am looking forward to their wedding at The Garden in at Bee Rock this October. It will be my first opportunity to photograph a wedding in the "mountains" and I am hoping for a little fall color to enhance the view looking off of Bee Rock.

Anyway - on to the good stuff. Becca and Josh are planning a "country time" wedding, complete with a bluegrass band, BBQ dinner, sweet tea in mason jars, etc. They felt like Turner Farms would be a perfect place for their engagement photos, since we had the rustic outdoor setting and the old barn. See if you agree...

Cute story. Josh & Becca met in rehab after they had knee surgery. Here they are comparing their scars. Josh even pointed out his screws.

This is why I suggest early evening times for engagement sessions. This session began at 6PM and about 7PM as we were wrapping up, the sun began to glow as it was descending. You cannot beat this golden light.

Thanks for driving down for the session Josh & Becca. Can't wait to see you again soon!


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Crystal and Brandon, Engagement Photos at the Factory in Franklin

Meet adorable Crystal and Brandon, who will be married in late September in Tullahoma, TN. I have known Crystal since high school and have always been drawn to her joyful spirit. We re-connected at church and it is now easy to see why she and Brandon are going to be married. He shares that same joy in his heart and they are in LOVE. I love it.

We met out at the Factory for their engagement session. We started out with some more casual shots.

So silly. I love this!

And this.

An outfit change and we were on our way to a different look for the rest of the pictures.

I am sure there will be some Home Cookin' in their future!

Norah came along to our session and my Mom met us there to keep an eye on her. We couldn't leave without Crystal and Brandon getting in some snuggle time.

I love the look on Crystal's face in this picture. It seems to say "you look good with a baby!"

Thanks Crystal & Brandon. I am blessed to be working with you to tell your sweet love story. See you soon.


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mike & Julie, Engagement Photos in Downtown Memphis

A couple weekends ago, I headed west to Memphis to meet up with Mike & Julie for their engagement session. We met at Tom Lee Park on the riverfront to begin our time together.

It was really sunny, pretty hot, and very windy.

It didn't take us long to decide that we needed to head for some locations in the shade that might be a little cooler temperature wise. Julie works at a cool design firm downtown so we walked a few blocks to get there and had fun exploring the streets and alleys in the area.

I had no idea that when I asked Mike & Julie to go down to the bottom of these stairs that it was a restaurant down below! Julie's backside was totally pressed up against the glass while people were eating on the other side of the window! We had to apologize when we were done. So funny!

Julie's two daughters, Caitlin and Samantha, hung out with us for the session also. I was able to grab shots here and there of the girls too. Here's my favorite of each of them.

Beautiful Samantha

Glamorous Caitlin

And a quick and casual family shot

Julie & Mike's wedding will be in mid-September at the lovely Carahills Estate. I am really looking forward to the big day! See you soon.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Joey & Amy, Engagement Pictures in Knoxville, TN

Here's a proper post about Joey & Amy, following the sneak peek I did a few days ago. I met these two at Amy's parents' house (Liz & Jim) on the river just outside of Knoxville for ths fabulous session. We hit it off great. After a quick tour of the reception site, we returned to the house to finish our shoot.

Traditional shot, suitable for the newspaper

And one that is a little more "my style"

It was a gorgeous sunny day

A couple of shots by the waterfront

Funny thing about this picture under the grapevine is that a "scorpion" fell on Joey about 3 seconds after this picture was taken and he jumped up so fast that I didn't know what happened.

A sweet moment

You can't even tell it was about 105 degrees on the second story porch of the house.

Love Amy's sassiness in this shot. I can't wait to see this girl in her fancy dress on the big day.

Another more traditional shot suitable for the newspaper

Check out this adorable dog...what a good boy!

Here's a quick shot of Amy & Norah. Thanks for letting me bring her along, and to Amanda for taking such great care of her!


Monday, July 09, 2007

One Great Weekend, Two Great Couples!

I am blogging from a friend's house in Knoxville, as Norah and I are recovering from a busy weekend.

Saturday, Matt and I shot Jennifer & Darrell's wedding in Dickson. Here's a sneak preview until I can get home to blog properly with a slideshow!

After being away from Norah all day on Saturday for the first time, it was fun to embark on our first trip together on Sunday. Norah and I drove to Knoxville to meet up with Amy & Joey for their engagement session. They will be married in Knoxville in late August. Many thanks to Liz & Jim for opening their home to us, and to Amanda for keeping an eye on my "sidekick." Ha. Here's a quick shot of Amy & Joey until I can blog them appropriately as well!

We'll be headed home in just a bit because Norah misses her Daddy. Let's be honest - I miss him too! :)

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Jake & Amy, Engagement Pictures in Franklin

I have new respect for all of my "Mommy Friends." I see now why new Moms say "call me" instead of "email me," because time sitting still in front of the computer is scarce. Norah and I are getting used to each other, and as our visitors wane, we are learning how to function on each others' schedules.

Jake & Amy were my first session to shoot after becoming a Mommy. It took me forever to get out the door to get to their session (but I was still on time) and I thought about her the whole way there.

Once I arrived, Jake & Amy were so sweet, so encouraging and fun to be with, that it didn't take me long to snap back to photography world. And, after being in for pretty much the whole week, it was refreshing to get out in the sun. After we got a few traditional shots for the newspaper, I was so excited to have warm sunlight to play around with in several shots.

Love this one

And this one

I don't usually blog images with the "selective color" like this one, but Amy mentioned how much she liked a couple pictures like that, so we shared the same vision for this shot.

Aren't Jake & Amy a great couple? They will be married in October at Old Natchez Country Club in Franklin. To pre-register to see all of Jake & Amy's Engagement Photos and then their wedding photos, click here.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Ricky & Nichole Engagement Pictures in Murfreesboro

Ricky & Nichole found me through an online search and decided that they wanted me to come to their home in Hampton Cove, AL in July to photograph their wedding. For their engagement session, they wanted to be photographed in Murfreesboro, because none of their friends or family would have photos that would be similar. That's one of the things I love about this couple - they have a desire to be unique and do things their own way!

They loved some of the photos I shared with them from Cannonsburgh (and who doesn't - it's a perfect place for photos) so we decided to go there. Even though this wasn't a new place for me, it was fresh and new for Ricky & Nichole and I love what we came up with! My goal every time I shoot a session in a place I have gone before, is to do something new that I have never done with anyone else. You'll see a few new places that I discovered for the first time with these guys!

On the front porch of the visitor center

At the filling station

My favorite fence

Cooling off in the creek

Hanging out in a creekside tree

Thank you for coming to visit me this weekend! See you guys in just a few weeks for the wedding!


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Darrell & Jennifer, Engagement Pictures in McMinnville

Darrell & Jennifer are getting married in July and I am thrilled to work with them too! We just got everything lined up this week, so the wedding will be here right around the corner! We met in downtown McMinnville this afternoon to run around and shoot their session. Despite my own wardrobe malfunction, the session went beautifully. Darrell & Jennifer are really comfortable together, and that makes photographing them a cinch! Here's a few favorites!

Darrell - hope you had a great Soccer game tonight. Jennifer - thanks for being so positive and open to new ideas! Talk to y'all soon!


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jason & Deborah, Engagement Pictures in Antioch

I met Jason & Deborah through Chris & Jonie and I am so glad I did. I had a lot of fun hanging out with them at Turner Farms (our family's farmhouse in Antioch) for their Engagement Session today. Here's a few of my favorite shots!

My Mom & Bret hung these red, white & blue banners over the weekend, and they made delightful backgrounds for our summertime images.

I love how the interior of the barn framed up this shot.

We had marvelous light this afternoon.

Deborah loves the pictures in the barn. I picked this one because it is from a different angle than usual.

Hot hot hot!

This shot in the grass is pretty cute. I only pulled 4 ticks off myself when I got home to get it!

To pre-register to view all of the images from Jason & Deborah's Engagement Session, click HERE.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Chad & Steph, in the City

So, I have mentioned before that I love my friend Steph. I love her husband Chad equally as much. If you want a good cry, check out this post from Steph's blog yesterday. Get a tissue first, because it is SO sweet.

Anyway, since Steph spends so much of her time creating awesome images of her clients having fun with their fiances, husbands, children, etc., she has been wanting to do a photo shoot with just she & Chad for a while now. So part of their weekend getaway to Nashville this weekend included about an hour with me! I am so honored!

Here's a few of my favorites...I love Steph's sassy new shoes.

We found this awesome old chair and had to do something with it.

We invaded Vandy for a bit and liked what we found. It's kind of fun to just explore what's around you and make do with what you see...a little bit of adventure in our day was worth it.

Love this one.

Here's the slideshow, or to view it full screen, click HERE.

Inspired by Steph & Chad, I'm off to spend a little time with my hubby for the rest of the evening. Check in tomorrow night because it's Jen & Mike's Wedding Day tomorrow. I can't wait!


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Steve & Donna's Engagement Pictures in Franklin

Meet Steve.

Meet Donna.

I met Steve & Donna for the first time at Sean & Dana's wedding this past October. They weren't even worried that I showed up to photograph the wedding with my arm in a sling and an entourage of 3 extra photographers since I had broken my arm the night before. :)

Steve & Donna and I have been working for weeks to schedule their engagement session. Each time we did, it rained. I'm talking at least 3 or 4 times. So when we re-scheduled for today, Steve wisely said - where can we go that it won't matter? Recalling Mike & Jen's awesome engagement session last month, and that Mike told me the Factory is open 24/7, I suggested that might be a good spot, and we all agreed we wished we had thought of that sooner!

One of my most favorites.

Love the colors here.

Another favorite.

This one is just for fun! I think I might have said "intimate embrace" and somebody got carried away with the "embrace" part! HA.

One of the first things Donna said to me today was that they weren't very good at being photographed. I disagree!


Friday, April 06, 2007

Mike & Jen's Engagement Pictures at the Factory in Franklin

I went out to the Factory at Franklin this afternoon for Jen & Mike's engagement photo session. After working with this couple for just one hour today, I am SO excited about their wedding in May. They were so easy to work with, and I know I am really going to enjoy hanging out with them at their wedding & reception and walk away with some awesome images.

We started out on a little walk with Jen & Mike's dog Ben. Ben reminds me so much of my sweet Katy - maybe we can have a play date in the future! I love that Ben gives hugs!

Then Ben headed on his merry way and Jen & Mike and I walked around on our own and found some great backgrounds.

These stairs were fun...

I am in love with this green wall. We'll be back here in wedding dress/tux for another shot I am certain.

Then we found the train...

And Jen checked it out to see if anyone was around...

and things got a little steamy...

Jen & Mike - thank you for making my job so easy today. It was a blast, and I am looking forward to working with you! Hope you enjoy the photos!


Monday, April 02, 2007

Buddy & Amber's Engagement Pictures in Murfreesboro

I joined Buddy & Amber out in "the country" between Murfreesboro and Smyrna on Saturday morning for their Engagement Session. Because Buddy works on the farm, getting up at 4:30AM is typical, so he and Amber were bright-eyed and beautiful at 7AM when I arrived for the session. When couples are willing to get up a little early and go out as the sun is rising, the results are fabulous. Seeing the warm, soft light in Buddy & Amber's photos should give you an idea of why I LOVE shooting so early!

Here's Onyx - he belonged to Amber's Dad. He was such a good boy while getting his picture taken.

Buddy & Amber's wedding is coming up pretty soon on May 12 at North Blvd. Church of Christ and the reception at Stones River Country Club in Murfreesboro. To be notified when Buddy & Amber's gallery is available, click HERE to enter your email address.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Carl & Liz - Engagement Session in Indianapolis

I met up with Carl & Liz in downtown Indianapolis yesterday for their engagement session. They were troopers - it was 30 degrees and a little slushy - but we were able to get in a session despite the weather.

I am so excited to be joining these two for their destination wedding in BELIZE in mid-April. After spending a little time together yesterday, I just know it is going to be a fun trip! Here's a few early favorites.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Engagement Photo Contest Winners - Drew & Sarah


Congratulations Drew & Sarah - You will receive an 11x14 Signature Series Framed print of the winning image! If you would like to see the rest of Drew & Sarah's Engagement Session photos, click HERE. Their wedding will kick off the 2007 Wedding Season for me on March 16 and I cannot wait!

Thank you to all who voted - I was shocked to see over 200 votes cast in the contest! So awesome. The March contest will be announced soon.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

February Photo Contest - Voting Closed.

Since a lot of my 2007 couples have Engagement Sessions coming up soon, I thought we would do a little contest from my favorite E-Session images from 2006.

Contest Subject: Engagement Photo
Voting Ends: Thursday Feb 22 at 10PM Central
How to vote: Either leave your vote in the comments section, or email me.
Winner Announced: Friday Feb 23
Prize: The couple in the winning image will receive an 11x14 Signature Series Framed print of their award-winning Engagement Photo.


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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Have a Happy Day

I am uploading Misty & Bob's engagement photos right now and this image made me smile. It was such a warm and comfortable day (Thanksgiving weekend) and the sun was shining bright. I love how Misty & Bob are SO happy in this shot of them skateboarding on the greenway.