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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Miller Family Pictures in Manchester

Every day I hear from more and more adoptive parents and I just love that I am able to work with families who have experienced God working in their lives in this way. The Miller's have two precious children - Matthew from the Philippines, and Marli, who has just been home 3 months from Vietnam.

This sweet family has all kinds of fun together. They like to read - Matthew is a great reader. Love the expression on Marli's face as she listens to him read.

They like to build - I think Dad and Matthew were building a monster truck here.

Marli likes to play with her Bitty Baby doll.

They like to hang out together and play in the living room.

We took advantage of the gorgeous day and went outside. Dad got a hug from Marli after he helped her put on her coat.

Matthew didn't need as much help. Isn't he handsome?

They played on the swingset and slid down the slide for a while.

International adoption can be challenging when you think of all the children have been through in their lives previous to coming to their new family. I was so glad to hear about it from all angles as it is something we have/are praying about for our own family. Matthew and Marli love each other, but they have each had their own adjustment issues with each other. In a quiet and beautiful moment, Matthew sat down on this rock and Marli wandered over and joined him. Then after Mom told me the dog steers clear of the kids, as all kids and animals do, the dog just wandered over and got some lovin' from the kids. It was a priceless moment.

Matthew took a chance to play on his granddaddy's tractor for a minute.

And everyone went on a little walk hand in hand.

Thank you so much for letting me have fun with you guys this week. I enjoyed every minute. To view all of the Miller's photos when they are released, Click HERE to register.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wheliss Kids, Family Portraits in Belle Meade

Last Fall I donated a Portrait Session package to the Silent Auction at the Bethany Annual Dinner. I was so excited when my domestic adoption social worker Shelby was the winning bidder! Hard to believe with the events of the last year that it took us a full 11 months to actually complete the session! But 30 minutes at the entrance to Percy Warner Park in Belle Meade, and we created some awesome pictures of the Wheliss kids!

Here's Ryland, the oldest at age 11, with his real smile

John Hill, with a knowing almost 8 year-old smirk

Beautiful Nora, almost 4, in her red bow and shiny shoes

These kids did every single thing I asked them to do without one single "ew gross" or having to be fussed at by Mom. It was perfect.

Our favorite

Nora couldn't wait to get her hands on my Norah. After every group of photos, she would say "Now can I go and play with the baby?" and when we told her yes, she took off in a flash!

Here's Shelby with Norah. Thank you so much Shelby for everything you did to support us on our journey towards Norah. We appreciate you.

Big thanks to my friend Amanda for coming along to play with Norah while we were shooting this session. It was fun chatting with you today!

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Miss Jadyn Grace

Many of you who follow the my family blog know the story of my pastor and his wife and their family's journey to adopt a daughter/sister from China. This journey began officially in the Spring of 2005, but God was moving forward with His plans long before then. Jadyn was placed in the arms of her family on Mother's Day of this year.

It's been almost four months since Jadyn Grace came to town. We decided the time had come to try for some portraits of her.

Most of what we got were Jadyn's serious face. That is who she is at this point in her new situations she studies and takes it all in. I love this shot.

Amy brought lots of fun things that she bought in China. Those are her chopsticks that she loves to play with, and of course her silk dress. You can see we were having a time getting her settled by all the fun stuff in the picture!

This is my favorite shot of the whole day. There's just something about it.

I love this dress and there are some color shots down below. This one would have been awesome except she was playing with a bright green/yellow toy and it just didn't quite fit in!

Jadyn has a little self-soothing technique. She rubs a blanket or fabric on her little face to calm herself - something she learned in the orphanage to cope. I guess Amy and I were stressing her out with the photo session...because she climbed up into her chair and rubbed the little ribbon from her dress on her face. Sweet baby girl. I promise you'll have much more fun next time. At least we were able to capture it forever.

This is what happened when I sang the theme song to Elmo's World. She was mesmerized.

This little pink parasol was also pretty entertaining. I think it was sweet with her green dress.

Another favorite shot.

Amy & Pat - thanks for sharing your baby with me!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Introducing Norah Lucille Bynum (In case you haven't already heard)

We are proud to introduce our daughter!
Norah Lucille Bynum
Born May 28, 2007 at 7:25am
6 pounds 9 ounces
19.5 inches long

We found out about this sweet girl on Friday afternoon, but had to wait until yesterday at 4:30PM for it to be official. We went to the Bethany Christian Services office in Nashville today at 1:00pm to do paperwork, and then her interim care family brought her in around 1:30pm. This is when they first handed her to us.

I passed her off to Brad and look at this. It melts my heart to see him smile like that and look at her smile too!

After we visited with her for a while, her birthmother Lynette and her Auntie Sharon came in. We gave her Norah to hold and she held her for a couple hours while we talked, laughed, cried, and got to know each other. Our social worker Amanda prayed a blessing over Lynette and over Norah and us, and then we took some pics, said some goodbyes and made plans to see each other again soon.

We only took Steph with us, and she was able to document our whole experience. I made her get in a picture before she left - Brad took this one. Stephanie, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't tell you how much it means to us that we could trust you with this and not worry one bit about having all of the pictures to tell our story and to tell Norah about this day.

We got her home and I couldn't wait to see her from head to toe. We even got a bow in her hair, though I am not having much luck making it stay there.

Here's a quick family picture. Katy is adjusting nicely.

More later...give me a couple of days to return your calls and emails. We will work out our schedule really soon!

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Out of the Office...Here's Why

You might have emailed me this week and received an auto-response that said I was out of the office for some "personal business." I was hoping to have good news to report, but I do not. :(

Click HERE if you would like to read about the latest news with Our Adoption Story.

I will be working to get caught up asap. I appreciate your understanding and patience.

Don't hesitate to email me if you need anything, because I am back at it today.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Have you ever thought about adoption?

Bethany Christian Services is looking for adoptive families for babies and children who need homes. To learn more about the blessings of International, Domestic and Embryo Adoption, come to an informational meeting which will be held on January 20 from 9AM to 11:30AM at Woodmont Hills Church of Christ (3710 Franklin Road). Please contact 615-242-0909 or visit this site for more information. A child is waiting for you!


Friday, December 08, 2006

Working to get caught up...

If you are a faithful blog reader, you'll note that my schedule has slowed way down from what it was over the Fall. This is typical for this time of year, but there are also some exciting things going on in my life that I am going to need a little time off in the next few months.

All of the changes in my personal life (read Our Adoption Story blog for more info) combined with my recently healed broken wrist have slowed me down considerably in processing my images for my Fall sessions.

I am down to my October weddings (3.5 to go) and a few portrait sessions left to edit, and I am working as hard as I can to get those processed before the baby arrives. Thank you for your patience and your love and support.

I am planning on being on "Maternity Leave" from shooting in January and February, and I will begin photographing again in March. Please feel free to contact me now and schedule your sessions for the Spring. They will book up very quickly. I am accepting appointments for Wedding Consultations during Jan & Feb though so don't hesitate to contact me. I just may need an extra day to get back to you by phone.

Wedding calls are rolling in and you can tell that booking season is here. Don't hesitate!

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