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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Our Own Family Photos

Many thanks to Nathan Holritz for coming from Chattanooga for a photo session with Brad, Katy & Me on Wednesday night. We had a great time. These images are great, and we are super excited to see the rest of them. Now I know how all of you feel when you're waiting for images from your session with me...

You can read more on Nathan and his wife Amber's Blog, and see more of their awesome and inspiring work. Thanks again Nathan.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Start Spreading the News...

Too bad I am not leaving today...beause I can hardly wait to attend this seminar. Click on the picture above to read all of the details about the amazing 3 days of intensive training I am attending in New York City from October 30-November 1. We will be shooting in a studio in the same building as Martha Stewart Omnimedia! Wow.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Andrew & Alexis: Just Married

I spent Saturday afternoon and evening at the beautiful Cheekwood Mansion in Belle Meade shooting Alexis & Andrew's fabulous wedding and reception. I was actually the second shooter, helping my good friend Andrea Hallgren, who I met through our Pictage User Group.

Even though we did their lovely portrait session on Wednesday and got tons of images of them together, they had a different kind of happiness on their face following the ceremony, when they were officially Husband and Wife.

They had a lovely tent reception behind the mansion, with an awesome dinner and good music. They rode away in a cool antique jaguar nostalgic, like something out of a movie.

A big thank you to Andrea for inviting me to help cover such a fun event, and to the Keyser and Kelly families for being gracious hosts! Congratulations!

Stewart Family

I had a great time with the adorable Stewart Family on Saturday morning. We did baby Bradley's 3-month portraits, along with some fun photos of big sisters Parker & Emery, and then headed out to Cannonsburgh for some shots of the whole family. We had a good time, and it was hard to narrow the pictures down to just a few to post. Thanks for letting me photograph your family!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Christine & Drew

Meet adorable Christine & Drew and enjoy a few of their engagement pictures. We caught up with each other today at Hilltop-Rosenwald Park in Smyrna and just missed the rainshowers. Our weather was cooler than the rest of the week, but still a little muggy.

This couple is getting married in Huntsville, AL in early September and I am really excited to make the trip to document their day. We're going to have a great time. It was good to see y'all today and I am looking forward to the wedding!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Noah & his Family

This precious boy is Noah, and I had a lot of fun with him and his parents today at Winstead Park in Franklin. I was so proud of how pleasant he was, despite the hot weather. Mom and Dad and I were all sweating, and he was having a great time running around.

Thank you for the honor of photographing your new family. God bless you as you raise this wonderful child. Congratulations!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Andrew & Alexis at Cheekwood

I had a BLAST as a second shooter for my good friend Andrea Hallgren this afternoon at the beautiful Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville. Alexis and Andrew were so sweet together, and they looked great even in 90+ degree heat. They held up nicely and you should have seen Andrew - man, she's getting a great husband!

Andrea was shooting more formal portraits today and I came along to catch a few candid moments in black & white. I mean, this is my absolute favorite thing to do - so how could I turn down the chance? The results were fantastic.

Andrea taught me a lot today about the way she does a portrait session with a bride and groom. She really did a great job working with this couple. I am really pleased I had this opportunity. Thanks Andrea! I am looking forward to their wedding on Saturday evening. More great images to come.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Nicole & Chad are H-O-T

Well, really this evening we were all hot. It was a cool 98 degrees today in Rutherford County, but it started cooling off by the time I met up with Nicole & Chad for their engagement session this evening.

These guys are a really cute couple. Nicole had their outfits coordinated perfectly, and the images are so sweet.

Their wedding is in late July and I am really looking forward to it. Their wedding party will be wearing the most awesome teal blue dresses - I saw photos today of Ashley, the bride's sister, and I just know everything is going to look great.

Our Adoption Story

Announcing a new blog by Alison Bynum...Our Adoption Story! Check it out and chime in with your comments.

Happy Father's Day

This is me & Reagan with my Dad on Father's Day. We hope you had a great weekend with your dad's, grandfathers, step-fathers, husbands, fathers-to-be, and remembering fathers who have already passed away. We enjoyed being with our Dad and our Daddy George (grandfather) and also my husband Brad (daddy-to-be).

Friday, June 16, 2006

Vote for Lydia George

This is my good friend Lydia George. She is running for Smyrna City Court Clerk. Lydia has worked in the legal field for 31 years for a number of firms as a paralegal. She has worked with multiple courts in Rutherford, Davidson and surrounding counties, as well as the Tennessee Supreme Court. She currently works in her husband Phillip's office as office manager and paralegal. I got to know her well through my work at the Boys & Girls Club.

Election day is Aug. 3, and early voting is scheduled to take place July 14-29. The deadline to register to vote in this election is July 3. Under the town charter, the court clerk is responsible for collecting funds from violations of town ordinances or state law. At the end of each month, the court clerk is to report court collections to the town judge. The clerk will report the collection or non-collection of all fines, penalties, costs and forfeitures imposed by the court for municipal and general sessions dockets to the town manager for the current month and fiscal year to date. The town court clerk will be expected to devote their full working time and attention to the business and affairs of their elected office.

Every project I have ever worked on with Lydia has been more than successful. She would fit this position wonderfully, and I encourage you to vote for her! Best wishes on the campaign!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Weekend Trip Photos

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Congratulations Randy & Ashley

Here's my Mom looking beautiful on her birthday! I was so excited that she came to Memphis with me to celebrate her birthday and to help me with the wedding.

Here we are before the wedding. We had a great time together.

Here's a few images from Randy & Ashley's wedding on Friday night. It was a lovely evening. I loved their color palette of black and light blue - so classic.

I think this is a great shot of Randy. He has a really cool look and this just accentuates how hard core he can be. He wore his Oakley sunglasses for most of the day.

Mom took this last image of the getaway, and I really like it. When couples use sparklers to highlight their night-time exits, it really is very effective and makes cool images.

Next post will be photos from our fun Saturday, hanging out with Kyle & Mom.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Road Trip!

We are in Memphis today getting ready to grab some lunch and then head over to Kirby Woods Church to get ready for Ashley & Randy's wedding this evening. Mom is with me - today's her birthday - and my brother is going to catch up with us in a bit so that we can all three be together and have some fun. Mom's going to help me with the wedding, and then we'll have a late dinner.

Our hotel rocks - the Hilton Memphis. See how tall it is? If you look closely, you might see us in our room on the top floor - #27. You can see the river from here and I can't wait to take a picture of our view lit up at night. Our room is decorated in really fun bright colors. I will post some pictures of it too.

Check back in the morning (or late late tonight) for some shots from the Roebuck's big day! OH - and you can leave your birthday wishes for Mom in the comments and I will make sure she reads them!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Down...Set...I Do!

I shared the day with Josh & Mary Alice yesterday at Donelson First Baptist Church and the Hermitage for their beautiful wedding celebration. I was touched by how much this family loved each other, and how friendly everyone was. The Bride's parents could not contain their emotion - we had to shoot their family photos twice because they were so overwhelmed with love for their daughter that they were crying.

Josh is a football guy, so we did some more creative wedding party photos than usual. I posted a few extras because they were just so fun to do!

Another highlight of my day was having Hollis & Edith Guthrie along as my second shooter and assistant. This is special to me because Hollis & Edith shot my wedding four years ago. They have been my mentors and my biggest encouragers and teachers in helping me start my own photography business. We made a great team! Thank you for your help yesterday guys!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Fun Friday

Brad had to go to traffic court on Friday because he had a wreck a few months ago. It was a little bit crazy, because his citation said that court started at 8:30. So, thinking we weren't sure where we were going we got there at 8. But then we found out that the judge doesn't call the docket until 9. We spent an hour standing in the hall and listening to all the drama that criminal court attendees were telling the D.A. and also some domestic disputes that were waiting for their time in court too.

We had some other errands to run and appointments, so Brad took the whole day off. It was great to hang out together all day and we had a good time. It was kind of like how a Saturday would be if I wasn't working at weddings every weekend. Not that I am complaining - we have chosen this lifestyle and I love weddings and being your wedding photographer. But it was nice to have a whole day together! We snapped this picture and it's my current favorite of us. Awwwww....

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wotkiewicz Kids

Sorry everybody, but I have new winners for the "Most Wonderful Kids" contest. I had the best time today in Murfreesboro with Jacob & Rachel!

We took a ton of photos of the kids, together and individually, and then some photos in Rachel's dance outfits. I will probably be creating a slideshow of this session, because there are so many that I love.

This one of Jacob was just an "accident." He wanted so badly to have his picture made inside this train caboose, so he sat down in the conductor's chair. I really liked the way the light was hitting his face, and I love the end result.

Rachel is a natural in front of the camera. I could have taken a hundred more photos of her and they would have all been great. I am kind of sad that I won't be able to attend her dance recital on Saturday because I bet she will do a fabulous job.

And, these children are so sweet to each other. They did not have a problem hugging or being close, and that is very special. The images we got will be ones that Mom & Dad are sure to treasure as they grow up, and ones that will be special to Jacob & Rachel when they are older! It was a great session. Thanks so much for letting me hang out with y'all today!